At Westbury Academy we strive to deliver a high-quality curriculum which is based upon the needs of our pupils focusing on maximising each child’s academic potential whilst developing their social and emotional skills.

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At Westbury Academy we offer a rich curriculum which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all our pupils, whatever their starting points, as they progress through each key stage.


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Our Vision and Values

Our Purpose
Our Mission
Our Values
The core purpose of Westbury Academy is to ensure all children are equipped for the next stage of their educational lives and to provide them with experiences and positive moments that last a lifetime.
Our aim is that children and young people learn and develop the skills and character required to foster confidence, curiosity, creativity and empathy. We believe this will provide them with the confidence necessary to embrace life’s challenges.
Westbury staff are unwavering in their belief that all children deserve a second chance and with the right resource, leadership and support, they are well placed and ready for the next phase of improvement. Pupils achieve well above expectations in special school settings, often due to the outstanding experience during the primary stage, which is built on as they progress through school.


The Local Authority and schools in Nottingham City have worked together to develop Nottingham City Schools Provision Maps. These maps provide a framework for provision in Nottingham and show interventions that it is reasonable for schools to provide to pupils identified with SEND.

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