At Westbury Academy we offer a rich curriculum which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all our pupils, whatever their starting points, as they progress through each key stage.

Our curriculum is built in two phases:
• The Preparation Phase: Primary, Year 7 and Year 8
• The Progression Phase: Year 9 – Year 11

Each phase has its own specific curriculum designed to support
students in learning appropriate to their age and stage of development. Throughout both phases, the curriculum is based on Powerful Knowledge, Celebrating the Individual and
making sure pupils are ready for The Whole Journey.

The 5 C’s

These values underpin our curriculum and are explored at an age-appropriate level through the
academy. They are woven into teaching and learning in order to develop improved social and
emotional skills and ensure our pupils develop the skills to be valued members of the community. The
5C’s can be seen in action in both phases.

Preparation Phase (Primary, Year 7 and Year 8)

Primary, Year 7 and Year 8 form the Preparation Phase. Combining these year groups/key stages allows a greater pupil-focused approach in preparing them for next phase of their education. On arrival to Westbury Academy, pupils have often experienced a disjointed and interrupted educational experience to date, therefore it is important these pupils are provided with the time and appropriate level of education, in line with their development age (academic and/or social & emotional), in order to support and prepare them for the next phase of education. The curriculum is broad and balanced with core Literacy and Numeracy skills underpinning the learning in all subject areas. There is a significant focus on PSHE through Jigsaw (a programme that runs throughout the academy).

Progression Phase (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Years 9, 10 and 11 form the Progression Phase. The aim is to support the progression of pupils to the next phase of education i.e. KS3 to KS4, and KS4 and beyond. Progression Phase aims to build on the skills developed in the Preparation phase in a gradual manner that is considerate of the pupil needs, but without limitation. The approach is also aimed to support those pupils that may join the academy at any point during KS3/4. There is a broad range of subjects offered including GCSE, BTech and ASDAN. At KS4 pupils are given choices for their studies and qualifications with core English and Maths underpinning the learning in other subjects

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